For the past four years we have had Mark Lemay from Auto Aide providing training to over 20 of our shops.
The participants find the training that Mark provides both effective and interesting.
We highly recommend the leading edge technical training that Mark offers.   -

Paul Dossman, General Manager, KC Automotive Parts

  Auto Aide has been providing technical training programs for Bay Auto & Truck Parts Ltd. since 2002.
  Mark Lemay conveys the lessons in a clear and understandable method as well as providing quality support literature. The technician is able to further home study with the provided material for a thorough understanding of the lesson. In addition, Mark fields all questions during the training session as well as afterwards to support the students.
  The course selection is flexible and geared to the technician’s requirements. Lessons are well researched and thoroughly written in a manner easy for the students to comprehend. Auto Aide has provided our technicians with courses ranging from basic diagnostic techniques to very technical and challenging courses.
  We are very pleased with the level of service Auto Aide has provided us. Auto Aide allows us to provide a quality added-value feature to our customers. I feel confident that with Auto Aide courses we are helping to ensure our independent customer's future.   -

Randy M. Jones, Bay Auto & Truck Parts Ltd.

   Master Mechanic has been using Mark Lemay as their main source for technical training for 4 years now. We find Mark's material interesting, up to date and relevant in today's repair environment.' "Mark's presentation methods allow for excellent interaction between teacher and student, allowing him the opportunity to pace the presentation to his audiences level of understanding" I would highly recommend Mark for your training needs.
  Several of our locations have used Auto Aide diagnostic services and have been satisfied with the results. Mark Lemay's diagnostic methods get to the root of the problem in a quick and concise manner. It's great to have a Top Notch Tech available on call when the chips are down and you need assistance or an accurate second opinion.

 Jamie Holmes, Vice President, Master Mechanic


We use Auto Aide for their services. When we run into a problem car, we can always count on Marks expertise to get to the bottom of the problem. You always stand by your work and I appreciate it greatly. I would recommend your services to anyone.  

 Bill Vanderheyden, Vanderheyden's Garage

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