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Auto Aide Technical Training
Year 1 Class List with Outline

Advanced Diagnosis using Scan data and Signals:

  • This class consists of several problem vehicles that were to multiple shops before finally being diagnosed
  • A variety of techniques are highlighted here including, scan data interpretation, scope signal analysis and current probe diagnosis
  • This is a good test of the technicians diagnostic ability

Introduction to Scopes and Signals:

  • How each of the different types of signals are created
  • Knowing how each signal is created makes recognizing signal faults easier
  • Let the signal fault guide your diagnosis
  • How the Lab scope operates and how to set it up

Current Probe Diagnostics:

  • How the low current inductive probe works
  • How to use the probe to test fuel injectors, coils, solenoids, fuel pumps and electric motors, find shorts, find current drains and to do a 1 minute compression test

Emission Failure, Fuel Control and the O2 Sensor:

  • Understand how the emission gasses are produced
  • Learn what it means for an engine to be in proper fuel control
  • Learn how to read the O2 sensor waveform to determine which system is at fault, ignition, fuel or base engine

Ford Driveability 2 Nights:

  • Ford operations highlighted by using case studies
  • In this class we introduce the tech to OBD11 mode $6
  • In this class we also introduce the Volumetric Efficiency calculator for use with MAF controlled fuel systems

GM Driveability 2 Nights:

  • Similar to the Ford classes where case studies are used to examine operations
  • We will also introduce in this class how to graph injector pulse width and ignition timing control signals to determine where certain faults are coming from

Chrysler Driveability 2 Nights:

  • Case studies of Chrysler vehicle are used to highlight Chrysler operations
  • Use the diagnostic skills that you have learned to diagnose the faults


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