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Auto Aide Technical Training
Year 2 Class List with Outline

Electrical Diagnosis using Wiring Diagrams:

  • Getting the most out of the wiring diagram
  • How to read European Track Wiring
  • How to use the wiring diagram to diagnose circuit problems
  • Develop your own diagnostic short cuts by understanding the circuit

Automatic Transmission Electrical Diagnosis:

  • Understand how electronic controls have replaced hydraulic controls
  • How the electrical system operates on common transmission
  • How to trouble shoot problems using scope and current
  • Using scan data to diagnose transmission faults

Honda Fuel Injection:

  • Introduction to Honda Fuel Injection systems
  • Covers Honda fuel and ignition operation
  • Introduction to the Honda Wide Band O2 sensor
  • How to diagnose Honda System faults

Domestic EVAP:

  • How the domestic systems work
  • How the ODB monitors work and test the system
  • Methods to trouble shoot the system
  • How to manipulate the different systems to make diagnosis easier

Misfire Diagnosis:

  • How the misfire monitor works
  • Verifying that the misfire is real or not
  • Methods to identify the misfire and diagnose the fault
  • Reason for misfire not setting codes
  • Crankshaft relearn on domestic models

Body Control 101:

  • Introduction to modern body control systems
  • Basic system operation is covered
  • How to trouble shoot the systems
  • How to use bi directional control to confirm module to module communication and aid in diagnosis

Intro to Anti-Lock Brakes:

  • Introductory class on ABS operation
  • How the different systems modulate hydraulic pressure to the wheels
  • Wheel speed sensor operation and diagnosis
  • How to use scan data to help identify system faults

Ford Distributorless Ignition Systems:

  • Covers Ford ignition systems including waste spark systems and multi-strike systems
  • How to tell if the Cam and Crank sensors are properly synchronized
  • Alternate methods of setting the Cam sensor
  • How to trouble shoot Ford ignition systems
  • Understanding the PIP, SPOUT and IDM circuits

Air Conditioning:

  • Begins with a quick review of A/C operation
  • How to use temperature to diagnose system faults
  • How to properly repair and service modern systems
  • Alternate refrigerants and sealers and how to properly service systems that contain these products


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