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We specialize in hard to diagnose vehicle problems including Hybrid and EV vehicles. If you have an unusual or difficult diagnosis fill out the contact form below to arrange an appointment with us. 

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Auto Aide is a services company specializing in providing technical assistance and training to the Automotive Aftermarket. Our company provides on site technical troubleshooting where we will send a service vehicle to your location or bring the vehicle to our training centre to diagnose difficult vehicle problems. Our service vehicle has the latest in diagnostic and programming equipment on board. We provide telephone technical assistance where skilled technicians will talk you through problems to assist you in diagnosing vehicle problems. In addition we offer online technical training on many different vehicle lines and systems as well as we provide online troubleshooting procedures that we have developed while troubleshooting in the field. Our diagnostic procedures are field tested and proven and we can offer many procedures that are not available from the vehicle manufacturer. 

Additionally we offer instructor led and webinar style training classes in many areas. Our instructor led classes are designed for professional technicians and cover a variety of topics ranging from drivability and emission diagnostics to anti lock brakes and airbags. Our course selection covers all aspects of vehicle operation and includes many field tests and procedures that you will not find in the service manual. 

                         Let us assist you in solving all your automotive problems.

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