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Become a member today to access the members section of our website. You will have unlimites access to our On Line Video Training Section, unlimited access to our Fix Data Base, access to our Diagnostic Guide our information look up service. 

On Line Video Training: We offer a wide variety of topics ranging from Anti-Lock Brakes, Body and Chassis systems to Engine Performance, Diesel, Hybrid Systems and OBD Mode $06.

Fix Database: Our online database offers large a database of known vehicle problems. Data has been collected from our online technical hotline and from our onsite daignostic service. 

Diagnostic Guide:  Need assistance troubleshooting a particular system. Our diagnostic guide provides step by step instructions to diagnose most vehicle systems. 

Information Lookup:  Having trouble locating information, simply fill out the information request from in the members section and we will loacte the information for you. 


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